How to hang canvas prints

Canvas prints are also known as canvas art or stretched canvases. The print is basically as a result of a picture printed on a canvas. They are normally stretched or wrapped onto a frame before they are displayed. There are a couple of things you need to consider when deciding how and where to hang your photos on canvas. It is crucial to know how to hang canvas print where it can be seen and admired by yourself and others. Below are some canvas hanging tips to consider before you begin drilling a hole in your wall and

Place your canvas at the center of your wall or room if you need to feature a lovely picture. If you have many artworks, you ought to consider hanging the others in another room. You should also consider hanging your wall art in a place where the modern canvas creates more attention.

You also have the choice to hang the wall art in one place if they are of the same:

  1. size
  2. themes
  3. colors

For single pieces, you need to put a photo lamp to create your prints stand out during the night as well. You can get the right kind of lamp at a lighting store. Simply specify that you need a light or ceiling mounted light to spotlight a painting or print. Try not to use white light, utilize a bulb with a soft amber glow.

You can make your canvas print framed to get more attention. Utilize a simple frame to make attention stay on the print and not on the frame. Expanded frames distract the viewer. Some canvas art walls are mostly hung but they don’t have frames but are attached on a museum quality display wrapped canvas.

If you want to mount your fine art above your family room couch allow around 8 inches to about a foot of space between the top of your couch and the bottom of your canvas. You can also do the same for other photos on the canvas that you intend to hang over a console table.

Remove things that can obstruct the view of your artwork such as flowers in a vase If you are considering hanging your artwork next to a console table art. Hang the canvas print at eye level and ensure there is sufficient space to move back from the canvas wall art. It is good to view the piece of artwork from a few feet away.

Hanging a large canvas print in a narrow corridor is not the most ideal way to showcase the artwork because the space is not sufficient to move it back in a narrow hallway. For these kinds of spaces, it may be smarter to hang many several pieces of smaller modern canvas wall art so they can fill the empty space for you to view the artwork nicely from a closer proximity.

Canvas prints are the most dynamic and creative gift ideas you will ever see, so why not capture the energy of your best photographs and change them onto canvas?