How to Give Your Kids a Head-start in STEM Subjects Without Relying On Screen Time

Technology-based learning is the current modus operandi in school curriculum. Educationists are putting a lot of emphasis on the importance of STEM subjects. STEM is basically an acronym for Science, Technology and Engineering, as well as Mathematics.

These subjects are crucial, as they construct an elaborate career path for the students. To keep up with the digital evolution in each sphere, kids are exposed to screen-based (computers and laptops, notebooks, etc.) learning mechanism from their initial years, but this can lead to an overlooking of traditional literacy toys and books.

Importance of STEM subjects in the UK
Besides the other major powerful nations of the world, the United Kingdom is fostering its population to opt for STEM-subject course works to promote its research and development wing. According to one of the surveys (in 2006), an ICT professional and an Engineer earns a salary of £39.228, and £34.839 on an average (much more than the professionals in the beauty or healthcare industries).

Screen Time to study STEM subjects
The internet is a gigantic network which causes people to get glued to their computer screens without realizing the time spent. Kids are more vulnerable while working on laptops or notebooks to getting addicted to the infinite options (games, cartoons, videos, and much more) available on the World-Wide-Web these days. The internet has a solution to every problem (academics).

This is why schools advise their students solve each exercise by deriving information from online resources. Students (during their early ages), while trying to complete the allotted exercise, tend to spend long hours at a screen.

How to Lessen the Usage of Screen-Time to Study STEM subjects
It is understood that the content available online can be quite discouraging and harmful to a child’s brain and overall physiological development. It is advisable to be prudent and seek an early opportunity to safeguard the toddlers from the cynical side of being exposed to laptops, notebooks, mobile phones.

Whilst on one hand parents are encouraging their kids to take up STEM subjects from the beginning, there is also a conspicuous level of anxiety about the Screen-time a child spends during the learning curve. Science, Engineering studies as well as Technological studies, and Mathematics require a huge amount of concentration, and students spend hours together to grasp the contextual elements of each field.

Invigorating the child to engage in a scholastic approach by learning from books and toys can help with the child’s overall cognitive development and enhance their imagination skills. Even better, it can positively impact their social participation. Textbook-learning methods, paper, glue stick, pencils, coloring material, group studies and all other conventional approaches must be encouraged in the formative years of a child. Of more importance is their preschool and later childhood years. The earlier the parents prohibit or lessens the usage of the screen in their children, the better they can reduce the involvement of their child in all the unnecessary online entertainment materials.