Denbighshire announces new eco-friendly weed control scheme

Typically, large amounts of herbicides are used to prevent the growth of invasive weeds which are not native to the area and other unwanted plants. Denbighshire announces new eco-friendly weed control scheme, as a new herbicide Foamstream M600 was delivered to the countryside service of the Denbighshire County Council (abbreviated as DCC). The herbicide uses a nontoxic organic foam derived from olive oil and heat for killing plants and will reduce the amount of herbicide required for getting rid of weeds and other plants. Studies indicate that herbicides are negatively impacting the environment in which they are used. Recently studies have identified that glyphosate which is used extensively as an herbicide may be the cause of the decline in the number of honey bees since it causes their death. Aquatic flora and fauna in the area are also adversely affected when herbicides are used. Hence DCC hopes that the foam will help in wildlife sites in the county, special conservation areas, scientifically interesting areas, and other places which are ecologically sensitive.  The lead member of DCC for environmental issues Cllr Tony Thomas has confirmed that the council is very serious about protecting the environment and remains a priority under its corporate plan. He said that many residents of the area are concerned about the use of herbicides, so the latest sophisticated technologies are being used for managing the environment in a way which is more eco-friendly. He claimed that using the foam was the first step in ending the use of herbicides, and that DCC would start a trial to check how effective the foam was in controlling the growth of weeds on roads and pavements, as an alternative to the use of conventional herbicides in urban areas.

Tony Thomas also indicated that DCC was the first organisation in the United Kingdom, which had purchased the latest technology for controlling the unwanted growth of invasive weeds, other plants, and DCC hoped that other weed control service providers would follow their example for control weeds. Since the foam is not toxic and only organic, it can be safely used close to water sources without damaging the water ecosystem and the various plant and animal species which the ecosystem contains.Earlier in this year, the government of Wales awarded the county council of Denbighshire, a Bee Friendly status. This was part of a government scheme for making the Wales environment conducive for the bees who pollinate flowers, helping them flourish.